Powder Flux - It is a general purpose silver brazing powder flux used for brazing a variety of base metals like stainless steels, steels, copper , brass, bronze, nickel, monel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys using silver brazing, copper-phosphorous brazing filler metals. It is an ideal flux for ‘hot-rodding’ applications. It will provide protection up to 750oC. Available in 500 gm jars, 10 kg and 25 kg containers.


Dry Flux - For applications where a dry, low volatile flux is desired. Useful in removing refractory oxides and is recommended for 650-820°C range. Conforms to AWS FB3F specification. Available in 500 gm jar and 10 kg containers.


White Paste Flux - It is a smooth, creamy silver brazing paste flux intended for joining all ferrous and non-ferrous metals except aluminium, magnesium and titanium. This flux brushes smoothly and evenly on parts. That’s because the unique homogenization process employed in manufacturing breaks down every ingredient into a smooth creamy blend. This flux will not spatter or run during heating. It will begin melting at 315°C and will be fully active between 565-870°C. This flux conforms to the following specifications: American Welding Society (AWS) A5.8 FB3A, SAE Aero Spec. AMS 3410. Available in 500 gm. Jars and 10 kg containers.


Black Paste Flux - This flux is engineered for brazing at high temperatures and will provide protection upto about 1000°C. This flux is especially suitable for brazing carbides, refractory metals, stainless steels and whenever higher temperatures or longer heating cycles are encountered.
Conforms to the following specifications:
AWS A5.8 FB3C, AMS 3411. Available in 500 gm. Jars and 10 kg containers.


Liquid Flux (Slurry) - This flux has the same characteristics and formulation like the white paste flux and can be used for all silver brazing applications. It contains additives making its viscosity lower than a paste (pourable viscosity) and can be sprayed on parts.


Dispensable White Flux (Solvent Based) - This is a solvent based fluxing system suitable for dispensing from automated paste dispensing equipment. This product is a highly viscous paste and will not blow-off or run out of the joint. This system is recommended for joining all ferrous and non-ferrous metals using silver brazing filler metals that flow between 600-800°C.


Dispensable Black Flux (Solvent Based) - Similar characteristics as No.6 above, except it will provide protection upto about 1000°C. Applications are same like the Black Paste Flux.


Liquid Flux - Used for brazing in furnaces where a limited fluxing ability is required above 650°C.


Aluminium-Bronze Brazing Paste - For brazing aluminium bronze and other alloys containing small amounts of aluminium or titanium. Not recommended for joining aluminium or titanium alloys. Conforms to AWS FB4A specification. Active range: 600-870°C. Available in 500 gm. Jars and 10 kg containers.


Binder - This is a hydrocarbon based highly viscous, thick gel-like product. Specially formulated flux powder and braze alloy powder can be mixed with this binder to make brazing pastes. Brazing pastes can be applied to the joint area through a syringe or automatic paste dispensing equipments. During heating, the binder will burn, the flux will melt and finally the braze alloy powder will melt and will flow to the joint. This binder is clean and will not leave any residue after burning. Because of its high viscosity, flux or metal powder will not settle in the bottom of the container and hence pastes made with this binder are very homogeneous. This binder is also very non-reactive and will not react with the flux or metal powder resulting in high shelf -life of pastes made with this product.


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